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Let us introduce you our new voice-over actress! She is Russian native of cause. Victoria has more then 10 years experience in the field of voice-over recording.

Voica talent Victoria Nakleskina

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Name: Anna Sherbakho
Sex: Female
Voice age: Young adult
Languages: Russian, Russian-English
Genres: Commercial spots, Phone prompts, IVR, Business presentations, Documentaries

Proffessional voice-over talent. She has graduated from Moscow Institute of TV and Broadcasting Ostankino and has been working on TV for a long time. Anna has great experience in field of sound recording and narration of different kind of scripts: news, corporate, commercial, e-learning, etc. In perfection speacks Russian, English and Kazakh languages.

To order this voice:
Phone: +7 (495) 782-75-44

Approximate fee

Commercial: from €150
Corporate video, presentations 5 minutes: from €240
Corporate video, presentations 10 minutes: from €250
E-learning, phone prompts, documentaries: from €15 per 1 minute (minimum 20 minutes)

Depends on the complexity of the script, terms and other factors, speaker's fee may be more expensive.

Voice-over recording with this voice:
Phone: +7 (495) 782-75-44

Russian Russian

Commercial spots>>Ketchup, Russian Ballet download & save mp3
Business presentations>>Oil Maroun, buildings over the railway spaces download & save mp3
Phone prompts, IVR>>Alabuga fiber, Taxi December 24, Bank's help system download & save mp3
Documentaries>>Moon - satellite of Earth, Goritsky Uspensky Monastery download & save mp3
Business presentations>>Construction over the railway spaces, Moscow River download & save mp3




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Russia, Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 782-75-44